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Current Business Opportunities & Prospects

An Asian Hub, A World of Opportunity

According to the Board of Investment publishing, Thailand's strategic location in the heart of ASEAN connected with the fast-growing CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) countries makes it an ideal location for businesses and business investors.  Thailand further provides great opportunities for trade and private investment. 

We also see that there are opportunities for investors to invest in health and wellness sector in Thailand, i.e. medium sized general hospitals and specialized hospital, care residences and old people’s home for both Thai and foreigners,  in the larger provincial communities in the North, North-East of Thailand which is a gateway to the CLMV countries.  


People are now more health conscious than ever before, and Thailand is among the world’s top destinations that international tourists want to visit once the Covid-19 situation improves. Still, it’s obvious that the demands in this sector are increasing.


Thailand is globally recognized for its effective COVID-19 preventive control measures.  Besides, the Thai government has offered special incentives and promotion in the health sector investment.

Medical Consultation
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